Vacation Part 2!

Hello again!  Today, we're sharing part two of our vacation pics!  We'll start off by posting pics from the other 2 days we were at Disneyland!

It was an overcast cool day but at least the rain held off until the next day!

On this day, my brother, Matt, joined up with us!

Disney's California Adventure has the coolest show...Aladdin!  They do a great job keeping the jokes in the show current so each show gives you a new laugh!

There's also a Monster's Inc ride there that is super cute!  (Yes, it's a kiddie ride but it's still fun!)

How cool is this next shot of the Haunted Mansion at night?!

We even managed to snag a shot of one of the many ghosts occupying the mansion...there are 999 happy haunts, but there's room for a thousand!  Any volunteers?

On our last day in the Disney parks, it was cold and wet.  But we managed to make the most of it and enjoy our remaining vacation time!  After all...

Our entire trip wasn't spent at Disneyland, though!  We also hit up the Santa Monica pier before meeting my brother, Matt, for dinner!

And we spent a day in San Diego...a place we totally want to go back to!  (Yes, Chelsea, you were right.  San Diego is awesome!)  We started out the day at the San Diego Zoo.  We highly recommend going to this place at least once in your lifetime!

Again, playing with texture on vacation pics! 

Love that the panda looks like he is smiling here!

Nicole was super cute for our Zoo trip!  I sometimes say that I'm her trophy husband, but the truth is she's my trophy wife!

Elephant pics were taken in honor of Chelsea since they are her favorite!

Yes, we ate ice cream on a cold day! 

So wish we could go back to Australia soon!

The zoo did an amazing job decorating for Christmas!  The decorations were animal themed and super cute!

After hitting the zoo and shortly before sunset, we went to Seaport Village on the recommendation of the McGowans!  It's a really cute place on the water with  lots of cute shops and restaurants!

Another cool thing about Seaport Village?  It's walking distance from downtown San Diego!

Since my Grandfather was from Norway, I always stop in any store with a sign like this!

We'll end this blog with one more picture with a Disney theme...Cinderella's carriage!  This was available for carriage rides at Seaport Village!  Nicole and I had dinner in the building in the back of this image.  It was super yummy and you couldn't beat the view over looking the water!

That's all for now!  We will be sharing a Christmas blog soon, so make sure to stop back by!


Chelsea said...

1) I want to go to California Adventure.
2) I love your nighttime picture of the Haunted Mansion!
3) Nicole, you look SO CUTE in that umbrella shot in front of the Castle!
4) Kevin, your brother is hot. Let's hook him up with my sister.
5) THANK YOU for the elephant pictures. Made my heart happy.
6) Told you San Diego was awesome.
7) I wanna ride in that carriage.
8) Let's go AGAIN!!!

Amber said...

Wow!! Can I vacation with ya'll please? Nicole you were rocking cute clothes! We must go shopping together ;o) Glad ya'll had fun and Chelsea ya'll should hook Matt up with your sister lol! Great pics and thanks for sharing!!

Mack said...

I've always been a bit confused by how excited people got by our vacation pictures. I get it now. You successfully made me want to go to California Adventure, Santa Monica, and, by extension, drive route 66 in the GTO.

Also... you guys are getting SO GOOD. Every time I look at your blog I'm more impressed with the quality of your work. Kudos, kids!

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