Merry Christmas!!!

As Elvis sings in one of my favorite Christmas songs, "It's Christmas time pretty baby!!!...and the snow is falling on the ground!"  We are so excited for Christmas because, like everyone else, it's our favorite time of the year!  Today, Nicole and I are going to share some images of our festive decorations since we are celebrating our first Christmas together in this home!  We love to decorate for Christmas, and this year is just the start to our outside decor! 

This next image is of what I described to my family as my "secret weapon!"  Growing up, my father always put Santa and two reindeer on the roof of our home.  It was a BIG deal!  We'd gather in the yard and watch Dad put Santa on the roof.  However, after years and years of providing Christmas magic from our rooftop, Santa and his reindeer had to retire.  So this year when I was searching decorations online, I stumbled upon Santa and lost it!!!  I was so excited when I saw it that I immediatley ordered one for us!  I let my dad in on the secret, and we prepared to put Santa on the roof.  I was hoping to have Santa and the reindeer on the roof and working before my mom saw...but we were busted installing Santa.  My mother's reaction was pricesless!!!  The best part about this is that I was able to install my reindeer but make it look like the first one is flying.  It's awesome!

We like dinosaurs so, when we saw this guy, we had to take him home!  This is Stanley...

This is Holly the Hippo...

This was the first decoration we bought, Melvin the Moose!  So named because he reminds me of the moose from the Country Bear Jamboree in Disneyworld!

This is Marty the moose!  (No relation to Melvin!)

Snoopy guards our mailbox!

This is Samuel....and the little guy is his son Samson!

We have a continuously growing collection of Disney Jim Shore Christmas decorations.  This is our most recent purchase proudly displayed on our mantle...

One of our two 9 foot Christmas trees is an artifical tree with nothing but Disney ornaments.  The tree is huge and completely covered with ornaments!

Nicole's favorite characters are Donald and Daisy, so we have tons of ornaments featuring those two!

I always wanted a train to go around my Christmas tree, but, a few years ago, I saw this and had to have it instead!  I see a monorail expansion in the years to come!

We also have a 9 foot real tree decorated with a variety of this next one!  Just for the taste of it!

Surprisingly, there is an Indiana Jones ornament or two on our 9 foot real Christmas tree!  This tree smells up the entire house!

We picked this ornament up just the other day!

And we'll end the blog with Christmas Kristoffer!

Kristoffer surprised us all the other night when he came over dressed as Santa Claus!  He even said "ho ho"...he's still working on that third ho!  The little guy knew how cute he was, so he enjoyed showing off his outfit.  He may have even twirled a few times when he showed my Dad!

That's it!  Sunday morning, Nicole and I will wake up, watch the Disney parade, then watch A Christmas Story over and over again and I cannot wait!!!  So, from Nicole and I, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays!  May your days be merry and bright, but fingers crossed that all your Christmases be white!  (Really hoping the weather prediction for snow on Monday becomes a reality on Sunday!)


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Love it all!! But especially Melvin!


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